Sunday, 17 May 2009


I've never really been one for hand sewing: too fiddly, too many knots to tie, never sure if I can see better close up with or without my specs. However, I had an idea in my head last week - you know, the sort of idea which makes your fingers itch to get started in case the idea floats away before you've captured it. And you know what? I think I love hand stitching.

This week I went to visit three of my friends' new babies and deliver the mobiles I've been making (see here) so I thought I'd like to make a little something for the older siblings to make them feel special too and so it wasn't all about the babies (even though it was really!).

It started off with a little friend of mine who had her 4th birthday last week. I wanted to give her something she would love, I knew it had to be pink and shoes are a bit of a theme with me at the moment (more on that later). I'm pleased now that I've been hoarding all those tiny offcuts of fabric and felt:

I'm really pleased with how this has turned out. I love how the tiny seed beads mimic the cut-out pattern of Startrite shoes. I made another of these (but with turquoise shoes) for the sister of one of the babies but knew I needed something for the boys too. And show me a three-year-old boy who doesn't like tractors:

I'll be making more of these soon (definitely a space rocket one) but first I need to invest in a thimble. Ouch.


  1. These are gorgeous - shoes and polka dots - does it get any better??!!
    I absolutely love hand sewing, its so relaxing AND you can do it when you are watching TV! Glad you are enjoying it too. I've got into a kind of system now - machine stitching during the day, hand stitching in the evenings. It works really well although does take a bit of forward planning. Looking forward to seeing more....
    Dotty xx

  2. Those are adorable, well done! They look very intricate, I don't have the patience for hand sewing :)

  3. They are so lovely!

    I really love the tractor - I wonder if that that makes me a three year boy too? :)

  4. Those are absolutely beautiful. I love to hand stitch, even really big things and when I'm finished and have something lovely to look at the callouses and puncture holes are even worth it:)