Saturday, 2 May 2009

Boy meets bluebells

I grew up in an area renowned for its bluebell woods so for me this is a special time of year. That nature can produce such intensity of colour and scent takes me by surprise every bluebell season. We love to walk in bluebell woods in the late afternoon when the flowers seem to glow in the dimming light.

This year our Little Helper noticed them for the first time. He's already showing some of his Daddy's love of wildflowers (lots of daisies and dandelions proffered in his grubby chubby fists) but witnessing his first awareness of bluebells was a special moment.


  1. Aww How cute!! They are fabulous photo's and isn't great that you have this way of preserving them for future generations!!!

  2. aww what a little cutie-pie! those are fantastic photo's and would make a fantastic scrapbook page.

  3. Lovely pictures! And welcome home :)

  4. Fab photos and your littlie looks like a cutie!

  5. Oh he is so stinkn' cute!!!
    Your photos are so crisp!

    I have one lil boy that I love taking pictures of. Outdoor ones are so much fun, I can't wait!

    Sylvia C.

  6. raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!! he is just delightful!!! lovely photos, can almost smell the flowers too! x