Saturday, 5 June 2010

Precocious eating

Some days I despair of my sons' eating habits. The older two are like Jack Sprat and his wife and enjoy completely different bits of each meal. And then the youngest manages to like all the things that neither of the others would dream of eating. I have days where I long for them all to eat pizza; never going to happen:

Son 1: "Too much cheese!"
Son 2 "Too much tomato!"
Son 3 "Is yucky!"

but then when we go to Carluccio's they will hoover up a plate of antipasti with enormous relish. How can they love marinated anchovies and yet retch at the mere mention of tuna? What have they got against peas? How is it that one of them loves only the insides of baked potatoes and yet won't touch mash - IT'S THE SAME THING!!!

So lunch today brought a happy surprise. Here is Guy (3) learning to love taramaslata. I'll just have to accept that they are precocious eaters.


  1. Motherhood brings such joy - not. Fussy eaters, my two will only eat things with gravy, mash and carrotts. Henrietta hates chips and bake beans - she cannot be a normal kid.

  2. Too cute! My boy from a very young age (2) loved olives, chillis, pesto, pastrami,I swear he should have been from the Med!! Justine xx

  3. We've just started Chloe's Summer "It's too hot so two grapes will do me lovely for dinner thank you" diet. Motherhood's a big bundle of fun, isn't it:) She's a bit weird about normal kid food too.

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