Wednesday, 6 January 2010

On the bright side

Today has been one of those days that you can deal with in two ways: ranting-and-raving-isn’t- life-unfair-why-me, or becoming like Pollyanna. I read Pollyanna when I was about eight and like to think that some of her “I’m so glad, glad, glad” attitude has stayed with me. I know it drives some of the people around me mad but really, there are times when there is nothing you can do to improve a situation; getting cross just makes it worse, so why not just try to look on the bright side?

1. I suppose it all started with the Little Helper’s chicken pox. It was inevitable that he’d get it some time now he’s at nursery, although I expected it would be during term time and not right now, given that he hasn’t seen any other children for weeks. Still, at least he incubated it until Christmas and all celebrations were well and truly over. It made the school run a little tricky on Tuesday, though. In the end, I dumped the older two at the lollipop lady’s crossing and didn’t even need to get him out of the car, then at pick-up time I bundled him up and headed for a deserted patch of playground, in between all the groups of chatting mothers (ahem, actually this is what I normally do anyway, call me anti-social…). Perversely, or so I thought, he’s decided that this would be the week that he would finally get to grips with potty training. Nutter, I thought, you don’t feel well, you’ve got chicken pox, this will never work. But, in fact, it’s perfect, we’re not going anywhere anyway, so no embarrassing accidents, and besides now we’re onto number…..

2. The snow. So we’re not going anywhere because of the chicken pox and the potty training, and even if we wanted to we can’t actually get out of the drive because of the snow, so it’s all good. Except that we were expecting the lovely Ocado man to deliver our shopping today and he rang to say he’s stuck in Newhaven and can’t bring us our food. Bother. Except…

3. Not to worry, nowhere to put it anyway, the fridge has decided that today is the perfect day to break down. We’ve got plenty to tide us over and it gives me the impetus to clean out the fridge and use up all those little end bits of everything around the place. Might as well do the cupboards too. Bulgar wheat with a sell by date of 2006 anyone? No-one? Just as well, because I’m cooking it all up for….

4. The pigs. When I fed them this afternoon I used up all the pig-nuts in the bin where we keep their food. Looked around the shed for the next bag. None there. Stomped back up the garden to look in the garage. Nothing. Rang H at work. “Please tell me there’s another bag of pig-nuts somewhere”. “There is, it’s in the boot of my car”. Oh, yes, that would be the car abandoned at the station 5 miles away, up snowy hill and down icy valley to which I don’t have a key? Err, yes. Not to worry, we’ve got bulgar wheat, we’ve got wholegrain-risotto-rice- that-takes- 1 ½-hours-to-cook-that-was-on-special-offer-3-years-ago, we’ve got half a packet of pearl barley we only use once a year in turkey soup, we’ve got the cereal no-one actually likes…..

….those pigs are going to have a feast tomorrow. Not actually sure what we’re going to eat, but no doubt tomorrow will throw all sorts of other little surprises our way. Will I be able to deal with another day with such equanimity and Pollyanna-like poise? Hmmm.


  1. the pigs are so cute!!!

    would you like some mouldy sprouts? found those in the bottom of my fridge today!

  2. Well done on making some positives out of that one!! I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. Well done on the potty training though :)

  3. you lovely lady! You have made me smile!! That was Pollyanna-ism in the face of persistent adversity!! Well done you! Happy new year, love Mrs B x

  4. I love pollyanna i watch it whenever i notice it's on.
    Hope you little one is feeling better soon

  5. Oh dear, we all have those days, and I have to say I usually get all irrate and not the other way. When it rains....... I hope your week improves! xxx

  6. I need to take lessons from you - I was very ratty with the children yesterday! I woke up this morning with a new resolve to be calmer and nicer today as, after all, it is not their fault school and creche are closed so I will try to channel Pollyanna all day today....

  7. You've got to laugh I suppose. I admire your outlook and your post made me chuckle. I always think 'It'll be a good day tomorrow!' Best wishes x
    PS Is that really your house/mansion?

  8. I love Pollyanna, i haven't read the book but the fil is a firm favourite of mine, i love the words on her necklace :"When you look for the bad in mankind, expecting to find it, you surely will".
    And the glad game is just lovely, when i feel down i write 3 things that have made me glad in the day into a notebook before i go to bed x

  9. Could someone clue me in! Who's Pollyanna? I feel like I've missed out on life strategies I could be using, young Biscuits are not back at school til Monday. Whatever she has given you obviously works, with what you have had to deal with I may have been huddled in a corner begging for red wine and chocolate.
    Ali - new to your blog but will be back, I really enjoyed it and oooh I love pigs!