Monday, 16 March 2009

Something I have learned from my mother

My mother has a "less is more" approach to bringing flowers from her garden into the house and it is a tradition that I love to follow. Next to the chair where she sits in the evening is a table with a notepad, a coaster, often a dish with sewing essentials in, some chocolate and usually a small vase with a single flower stem. It is a lovely way of focusing on one flower, looking closely at stamens and petals and seeing details that would be lost in a bunch of flowers.

My favourite this time of year is the hellebore above - just look at the markings on the petals - but I also love these: the yellow forsythia for its colour, the white winter honeysuckle for its divine scent and the flowering currant for its shape and the beautiful mix of green and pink.

But I am still always bowled over by the cheesy romance of a big bunch of roses! These were given to us by some friends who came to stay last weekend. Thank you J, E, L & J xxx


  1. Beautiful flowers! and that Hellebore photo is gorgeous!!

  2. Gosh, those are absolutely stunning photgraphs!

  3. gorgeous flowers, great photographs too! Thanks for sharing :) sarah x

  4. I love hellebores too....despite my neglect mine is thriving.