Thursday, 15 January 2009

New supplies, new blog

This morning found me hopping from foot to foot waiting for the postman. The reason? Kirstyfish's blog yesterday showed her heading off to the post office with a bag full of parcels, and one of them was for me!! The joy of receiving parcels is incomparable. I delayed the moment of unwrapping - two loads of washing, a bit of filing, emptying the dishwasher - and then, the joy! It was like Christmas all over again - parcels within parcels, excitement, colour...

Here's my little helper enjoying himself too. I have great hopes for him as a craft lover...

Now, before I stumbled across KirstyFish's shop I didn't really get buttons, other than their basic keeping-things-closed function. But then in my first order, this savvy seller enclosed a few freebies, and PING! Lightbulb moment. Buttons are great! Shape, colour, texture, fun! So here are the buttons that arrived in my order today, and in their lovely new tin:

So, lovely buttons, felt balls, felt. Now I have to get down to work and turn the felt into something. Hmmm. Have to wait until the Little Helper is busy elsewhere. Can't wait though.


  1. Hi Nicky!!

    Welcome to teh world of blogging. What a good first post. Im especially jealous of the golden syrup button tin.


  2. great starting post! i've been hunting for felt balls i shall check out the site.

  3. You can never have enough buttons!

  4. where abouts in East Sussex are you?
    (have I asked you that before? I'm in Ifold, West Sussex!)

  5. Fantastic first blog post. Thank you for the link I've been looking for some felt balls. Keep going.....

  6. great button are great aren't they.

  7. Thanks for all your comments, you guys - much appreciated and might inspire me to continue! Half an Acre, I'm in Mayfield, about 10 miles south of Tunbridge Wells.

  8. I put off opening parcels of goodies too - the anticipation makes me do my chores faster!

  9. I am so jealous of your bigfish parcel! i've been lusting after kirsty's buttons for ages, but christmas and a new car put paid to my fancy ideas of indulging button fantasies - roll on paid day :o)

    welcome to blogland, i hope you have lots of fun,

    Cate, x